Our Quality Creed

Reisebuero WELT’s concept of quality centres on meeting the needs of all visitors coming to us for travel services.

Reaching that goal focuses our priorities on a range of key concepts.

  1. Developing and consistently improving the company’s processes control, maintaining and supporting a system of quality management that addresses political and economic circumstances and market demand.
  2. Working to principles of transparent, long-term and mutually-profitable relationships with clients and suppliers, building the company’s status on the business travel market and consolidating its reputation as a reliable purveyor of quality service.
  3. Developing and improving the range and standard of services available to travellers to the Russian Federation.
  4. Continuing commitment to efficient financial management to ensure effective service delivery in the interests of both the company and the clients whom we strive to serve.
  5. Staff training, which elevates personnel development, experience and obtaining appropriate industry qualifications to the highest level of priority.
  6. Consistent monitoring and assessment of performance-management analysis alongside procedures to enhance delivery in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

The company is guided by the following principles:

  • Continuous improvement in quality of service to meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Setting standards that distinguish our performance as consistently achieving norms beyond those of our peers and competitors.
  • Quality of client dedication unwavering in its fulsomeness, delivering the same level of personal commitment to all those seeking our expertise and assistance.
  • The company values its reputation as a conscientious and reliable partner.
  • The company selects its suppliers on the basis of alternative choice and conducts a continuing assessment of their service performance.
  • The company welcomes, recognizes and respects the obligations placed upon it by legislation governing the tourist and travel services it is charged to deliver.
  • The Company’s executive management undertakes to carry out the present Quality Creed, to fulfill the requirements of Clients, Company’s Quality Management System, national legislation in tourism, state legal regulations and other regulations.

General Director

Reisebuero WELT