1. Cooperation with travel agencies

«Reisebuero WELT» LLC. kindly invites travel agencies to cooperate with as agents for distribution of the travel product to the consumers on the basis of commission fee.
«Reisebuero WELT» LLC. Has been rendering travel services since 1993 (Register number MBT-000070) and majors in corporate and business travel for Russian and foreign businessmen, travel to the big towns of the Russian Federation providing the whole range of services: hotels, transportation, restaurants, excursions, conferences, air and railway tickets, visa support.

What differs us from the other tour operators?

  • After receiving the first order of services the Agent get the access to the Private Cabinet with the following options: :
    1. Information about the services and all the necessary documents concerning the orders on the on-line basis,
    2. Access to financial and statistic reports,
    3. Hotel search by price and commission fee,
    4. Automatic formation of reports for getting commission feeа,
    5. On-line hotels booking,
    6. etc.
  • Rendering of high-quality services coupled with competitive prices.
  • Certificate ISO 9001:2008 (www.dnv.ru), that means: permanent monitoring of the quality of services.
  • Branch office in Saint-Petersburg.
  • Moscow head office (open 24 hours).

The main advantages of cooperation with Reisebuero WELT:

  • The Agent gets commission fee for the whole range of services (hotels, excursions, conference halls, organization of conferences etc.)
  • Long-term cooperation with more than 200 hotels that gives opportunity to provide Agents with special prices
  • Seasonal and annual allotments that guarantee availability of rooms in the main hotels at any time.
  • Free visa support for foreign tourists at booking hotels.

For cooperation and conclusion of Agency agreements, please, contact «Reisebuero WELT» LLC. by the following telephones:

in Moscow: (495) 933 78 78; in Saint-Petersburg: (812) 449-45-64;

2. Rules of rendering services

1. General Provisions

The present Rules regulate the conditions of rendering of services by the Company Reisebuero WELT to the travel agencies (hereinafter referred to as the Agent). The services include hotel accommodation, excursions, transportation, restaurants, organization of events by the Company in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and in other towns of the Russian Federation.
The realization of tourist services is carried out by the Company according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

2. The Procedure of Working with the Agents

2.1 Work on the Basis of the Agreement

2.1.1 The principal documents for cooperation between the Company and the Agent is the Agency Agreement and the Additional Agreement to the Agency Agreement.

2.1.2 The commission fee is specified in the Additional Agreement to the Agency Agreement. The final rate of the commission fee is specified in the Confirmation of the Guaranteed Services. The preliminary commission fee can be specified in the Private Cabinet

2.2 Travel Services Ordering

2.2.1 The order forms can be sent to the Head office of the Company 24 hours a day.

2.2.2 The processing of the order forms and sending of confirmations are made within 24 hours from the moment of receiving of the order form (except for weekends). For groups and congress-tours the confirmations are made in the period specified by the Agent but not less than within 48 hours (except for weekends).

2.2.3 In case of impossibility of giving all the necessary information concerning the order form of the Agent during the period specified by the Agent the Company is obliged to inform the Agent of the alternative period of time.

2.2.4 The basis for rendering of services is the written Confirmation of Guaranteed services sent to the Agent by fax, by e-mail or by sending the original to the Agent.

2.2.5 The Confirmation of Guaranteed services is sent to the Agent by the Company after the receipt of the payment by bank transfer, bank card or by cash.

2.2.6 In the Confirmation of services (guaranteed or non-guaranteed) the following information is indicated:

  • The list of services,
  • The beginning and ending dates,
  • The price of services,
  • The commission fee,
  • The penalties (terms and conditions).

2.3 The Conditions of Ordering Services by the Agent

2.3.1 For ordering services the Agent must send to the Company the written order form by one of the following ways:

  • Fill in the sample form,
  • Send the free form on the Agent’s blank,
  • Order services via the Company’s site www.welt.ru/en/

2.3.2 The order form can be sent to the Company by fax or by e-mail in one of the Company’s offices:

  • The Head office in Moscow: tel. +7 (495) 933 78 78, fax +7 (495) 933 78 77, info@welt.ru (24 hours);
  • The Saint-Petersburg office: tel +7 (812) 329 26 56, fax +7 (812) 329 26 58, info@spb.welt.ru (from 9.00 till 19.00 Moscow time)

2.3.3 The order of services is made if it’s possible. In case of absence of the necessary quantity of rooms in a hotel and in case of impossibility of rendering of other services the Company must inform the Agent about it within 24 hours (except for weekends).

2.3.4 In case of impossibility of rendering services ordered by the Agent the Company offers alternative ways of rendering services.

2.4 Visa support

2.4.1 Please take into consideration that visa support is provided for the period of the Guest's staying at the hotel booked through Reisebuero WELT Company on territory of the Russian Federation. To receive visa support for obtaining Russian entry tourist visa, please, forward a readable photocopy of the Guest’s passport with a written application for booking to Reisebuero WELT Company. Visa support documents are "Tourist Voucher" and "Foreign Tourist Reception Confirmation". These documents are to be forwarded to the Client in case of 100 % prepayment for accommodation in the hotels, booked on the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the program.

2.4.2 The terms and conditions of issuing tourist visa support and the duty fee are specified by the RF legislation and instructions of the competent bodies.

2.5 Prices

2.5.1 All the prices are indicated in RUR.

2.5.2 The prices in the pricelist are for reference purposes only and may be changed unilaterally by the Company.

2.5.3 The prices are given for individual tourists.

2.5.4 The rendering of services is provided only on the basis of 100% prepayment.

2.5.5 The group prices can by provided on request.

2.6 Ways of Payment

2.6.1 Payments can be made by the following ways:

  • By cash,
  • By bank transfer,
  • By bank card (please, be informed that the commission fee will be paid ONLY if the payment is made by the CORPORATE bank card).

All the payments are made on the basis of the bill of the Company.

2.6.2 Cash payments.

  • Cash payments can be made in RUR if the amount of payment do not exceed the limits set forth by the decree #1843-У issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on June 20, 2007.
  • After the cash payment is preceded the Agent will get a cheque and a bill (with services list), an invoice.

2.6.4 Bank transfer.

  • Bank money transfers are made in RUR to the Company’s bank account.
  • Bank transfer payments are made on the basis of a bill. After the bank transfer payment is preceded the Agent will get an invoice.

2.7 Cancellation terms

2.7.1 Information on a cancellation or a change in the terms of travel on public holidays and weekends shall be forwarded to the HEAD OFFICE by fax +7 (495) 933-78-77 or e-mail info@welt.ru.

2.7.2 Information on a cancellation or a change in the terms of travel shall be made in writing within the time limits stated in the Confirmation of Guaranteed Services Order, this Confirmation sent to the Agent’s address. In case of a late cancellation, late changes of terms of the trip or no show, the Client shall be charged a penalty at the rate of 100% of the cost of ordered services, for the first 24 hours of servicing, unless otherwise provided in the Confirmation of Guaranteed Services Order, this Confirmation sent to the Client’s address.