Reisebuero WELT specializes in organizing conferences, congresses, meetings, presentations, workshops and other international and national events in Russia.

Company’s clients are Russian and international organizations that have been able to appreciate the quality of services, as well as the modern Internet technologies, which are used in the preparation and holding all levels of the event complexity.

Reisebuero WELT provides relevant services that can help qualitatively organize any event in Russia.

Event website

  • Make event website
  • Administration and management of the website
  • Filling content of the website

Selection the event venue

  • Commercial proposal on possible options for conduct the event in accordance with the requirements of the Organizer (select the conference halls, rent the equipment, catering (coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, receptions, banquets with live entertainment), etc.
  • Detailed processing of event estimates to optimize the budget of activities.

Cooperation with event Organizer

  • Create online forms for participants registration and booking services (including receiving of abstracts and their subsequent evaluation)
  • Exhibition organization
  • Individual approach to dealing with speakers and VIP guests of the event.
  • Providing with personal organizer cabinet (online information for registered participants, registration fees, reserved services, etc.).
  • Coordination and purchase of Souvenirs and printed products (banners, briefcases participants and their content, etc.).
  • Formation of the participants’ portfolio.

Sale the event

  • Work with sponsors: conclusion the contracts, acceptance and distribution of sponsorship funds
  • Engaging participants to the event: direct calls to the database, ongoing newsletters through a special e-mail program
  • Advising participants on registration fees and their reception

Cooperation with event participants

  • Consult event participants on services: hotels booking, visa support (free), transport, air and railway tickets, etc., as well as on issues related to the event (24 / 7)
  • Selection the hotels near event venue according to its budget
  • Transport services (meeting \ seeing off at the airport or train \ station, shuttles, etc.)
  • Excursions and cultural programs
  • Providing Personal Participant Cabinet
  • Providing various payment methods

Service the event

  • Information desk for participants (Help Desk)
  • Management and control of selected conference halls, equipment and food.
  • Participants electronic registration

The Conference, as well as any event based on selection of event conference hall, the definition of necessary technical equipment and catering, as well as the preparation the cultural program. Facilities for the participants includes accommodation nearest event venue hotels or other alternative hotels in the budget of participants, registration documents for visa support for foreign participants, provision of transport and excursion services.

The main purpose of conference organizers - not only to find a suitable conference hall, but also to create and organize all of preparation workflow that will suit the format and requirements of the event This is a fairly time-consuming work, which is necessary to solve some organizational issues, particularly in the preparation of large-scale events.

For selection conference halls and organize the event please contact Reisebuero WELT staff:
Phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 933-78-78 or e-mail:
Phone in Saint-Petersburg: +7 (812) 449- 45-64 or e-mail: