Ways of payment

Dear Clients! Reisebuero WELT Company offers you the following ways of payment. Please specify a way of payment you prefer.

Online payment (by International bank cards, by online payment system "Webmoney")

The payments by international bank cards (VISA International (except Visa Electron), MasterCard International (except MasterCard Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, MasterCard Cirrus)) are quoted in rubles.

The information about your credit card is not transmitted or stored by the Company.
The whole process of authorization and money transfer from user credit card made in secure connection on the operator server of Internet acquiring, that licensed by International payment systems Visa International and Master Card.
For your security, the limit of one transaction is $ 1543,57 (dollar exchange rate for the current day). The payment for more amounts is produced in several operations.

«WebMoney» online payment system
«WebMoney» — is a comprehensive tool for online business activities that allows you to pay services in Internet quickly and securely. For payment services online you need to enter only the number of your tour.

The Risk Acknowledgment
Goods and services, offered by us as a Merchant are not provided on order or by request of a person or entity, running WebMoney Transfer System. We hereby act as an independent entity providing services and making independent decisions on pricing and offers. Entities, running WebMoney Transfer System do not receive any commission, interest fees or any other awards/refunds for the provided goods or services and are not liable for our activities.

Verification, performed by WebMoney Transfer System only confirms the accuracy of our contact details and proves our identity. Verification is performed by our own free will and doesn't mean or show our connection to the commercial activity of WebMoney Transfer System Operators.

Bank transfer payments

Bank transfer payments are made on the basis of a bill and quoted in rubles. In accordance with Russian legislation if the Client is not a resident of Russian Federation the payment can be made in U.S. dollars or in Euro. But in this case it is necessary to conclude a contract between the Customer and «Reisebuero WELT» company. After the bank transfer payment the company get a report of rendered services and an invoice for legal entities.

Attention please!
For bank transfer on behalf of the legal entity and for payments over 50 000 US Dollars it is necessary to conclude a written contract. .


The payment by letter of authorization

For payment by the letter of authorization you have to send us the filled authorization Form and a scanned copy of the credit card (both sides).

You can use the following card types: Visa, Master/Eurocard.

About the Client’s Personal Data
Please kindly pay attention that company is responsible for illegal disclosure of commercial and any other personal information, submitted by the Client. The company collects, processes, stores, discloses and protects personal information of the Client on the basis of the RF Federal Law, dated July, 27, 2006 # 152 “About Personal Data”. Presenting personal data in this Authorization Letter and personal signature in the field “Signature of the Owner“ definitely indicates the Client’s agreement to collect, process, store, disclose and protect it by the company for business reasons in accordance with contract relationships between the company and the Client for the duration of such relationships and for the next 5 years. If there is no written withdrawal of the Client’s agreement the present agreement prolongs for every next 5 years.

Cash payments

Cash payments or credit card payments are quoted in rubles in one of the Company’s offices in Moscow (operates 24 hours) or in Saint-Petersburg.

Attention please! A legal entity representative shall have an authority for payments (power-of-attorney). The cash limit for a legal entity is 100 000.00 RUR by one contract.

The payment to Reisebuero WELT Representative

The regular Reisebuero WELT corporate Client can pay the services to company’s Representative. Cash payments or credit card payments are quoted in rubles.

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